We RoCCIJa will help individuals and bodies who are already conducting and going to conduct economic and cultural exchanges between Romania and Japan with supporting:

First, Romanian corporations and individuals in advancing into the Japanese market and/ormake ties with Japanese partners. At the same time, we will support the mutual helps among the Romanians and their family members/friends;
Then, Japanese corporations and individuals who would like to conduct businesses in Romania and/or make ties with Romanian partners.

Corporation support

We will construct a platform and support the bilateral corporate activities by:

  1. Collecting, analyzing and offering the latest information of commercial and industrial activities in Romania;

  2. Timely responding to the commercial and industrial needs from Romania and her eassy in Japan in close cooperation with the concerned authorities of Japan and Romania;

  3. Efficiently and highly promoting the reciprocal commercial and industrial exchanges in close coperation with JCCI, JETRO, Keidanren, CCIRJ, and other economic, commercial, industrial, cultural bodies.

We will materialize the above in close relations with and grass-root assistance from the Romanians living in Japan.

Individual support

We will be an asylum for the Romanians in Japan and their family and friends and let them offer grass-root’s assistance in promoting the Romanian Japanese ties, exchanges and businesses by constructing a platform on which we will:

  1. Support the mutual helps among the Romanians in Japan (estimated some 2400 people);

  2. Promote and support the “swarm businesses” being or to be conducted between the two nations in personal, small or medium-sized enterprise scales.

Policy Proposal

We are planning to set up a policy proposal committee to be organized by members and experts.