In the Short run, we are starting to:

  1. Collect, analyze, and dispatch information of the bilateral commercial and industrial exchanges from various sources including grass-root ones;

  2. Consult generally free and specifically on-charge-basis with enterprises;

  3. Help “swarm businesses” among the members;

  4. Promote Romanian products and produces like wine, food, ICT software, andother commodities;

  5. Set up and assist RoCCIJa local chapters;

  6. Support mutual helps among the Romanian members in Japan, aiming to help them organizea mutual help association in the future, in close cooperation with the Romanian Embassy in Japan;

  7. Promote linkage, partnership, and coalition with other Romanian Japanese bodies.

In the Middle run, we are going to:

  1. Develop, improve and establish the above-mentioned short-term goals;

  2. Conduct a basic research on which the reciprocal exchanges will be promoted specifically by raising funds;

  3. Support the promotion of trade, tourism, and direct investment between the two nations.

In the Long run, we are aiming at:

  1. Promoting the development of Constanta Port by letting Japan join in the trans Black Sea partnership;

  2. Promoting Japan’s assisting other Romanian projects by using the EU structural fund, etc.;

  3. Promoting export and distribution into Japan of Romanian produce;

  4. Promoting technology transfers mutually, especially those from Japan of anti-earthquake / regenerative energy / medical technologies and exchanges of popular cultures like animated cartoons, etc.

  5. Highly advancing Romanian manufacturing, farming, fishing, and forestry;

  6. Helping Romanian enterprises advance into Japan.

  7. Establishing Romania as the most friendly state to Japan in the Central Europe through all the afore-mentioned activities.